Future Leaders Event: Gradunique 2017 Grads

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Comments from the graduates who joined the programme in September 2017 about the Future Leaders Event.

“Future Leaders gave me practical techniques to harness my creativity in a productive way.”

Ellie Jefferies

“I enjoyed learning about the innovation process and human centred design as it’s something very new to me and not something I ‘d given much thought to before. In my placement it will make me think about the users and customers more and thinking about things from their perspective as opposed to what I think is best.”

Emily East

“It’s been great getting to know a wide range of graduates and apprentices from different organisations and having a new range of perspectives. I’ve loved learning more about the innovation process, and trying out human centred design. I will be taking this process back to my placement in Philanthropy to freshen up my research project and make sure my recommendations are relevant and innovative.”

Linnet Kaymer

“Over the two days of the event, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to meet, get to know and work with other graduates across different sectors. Learning about human centred design with others has allowed us to understand how others tackle challenges, and I hope to take the skills, back into my project when considering the people who are using the Macmillan’s services”.

Emily Trevail