Sorcha speaks to Andrew Hyland, Recruitment and Resourcing Manager at MacMillan Cancer Support

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Our recent series of interviews with leading recruitment professionals sees Sorcha speak to Andrew Hyland, Recruitment and Resourcing Manager at MacMillan Cancer Support

Since joining Macmillan Cancer Support 5 years ago, Andrew Hyland, Recruitment and Resourcing Manager has successfully built an award-winning team of in-house recruiters. Macmillan previously worked with an RPO model but felt that if that by investing in an in-house team they would be able to satisfy their needs more effectively and so a transition began to overhaul their talent attraction, hiring and retention processes.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, there is a need to differentiate from others, however they can pull on the fact that as a brand, Macmillan Cancer Support is so well respected and loved in the UK. Since switching from an outsourcing model, Andrew has made use of marketing practices in order to monitor how effectively campaigns are performing in terms of reach, who applies and who does not. The team are always reflecting on and improving their processes, making full use of recruitment metrics to predict future needs and shortages.

Andrew has built a culture that focuses on taking the best care of their candidates, synonymous with what they advocate for their patients.

Just recently, the team conducted a survey of candidates who had previously been rejected for positions to understand their perceptions of the recruitment process. This was in order to identify where communications could be improved and to limit putting people off applying for positions with Macmillan even if they weren’t quite right for the position when they were first interviewed. Andrew has plans to continue to develop his in-house team and their skills, in five years they have built their candidate database from nothing to having 50,000 potentials in it. Future plans are focused around cultivating this database, engaging with candidates and effectively pipelining the best quality talent.

One way in which they are doing this is through direct sourcing, which they now have a recruiter solely responsible for this. Andrew has also recognised the importance of the on-boarding process in retaining great talent. From surveying existing employees, it was highlighted that joining Macmillan can be a very daunting prospect because of the reputation that the brand carries. To combat this, survival kits for managers have been put together to ready them for day one and mentoring is offered throughout the first three months on the job to effectively support the transition in the company.

The aim here is to improve retention rates and effectively compete against the fierce competition that Macmillan faces, especially in London. However, they are exploring a different route in the area of talent attraction by collaborating with other large charities on graduate schemes, offering an excellent development programme, training and support.

Macmillan are currently working alongside The British Heart Foundation on two year programmes, with graduates spending one year with each charity learning about management, policy impact, government regulations and getting involved in major fundraising events.

We offer our sincerest congratulations to Andrew and his team in their successes and hope they continue to evolve as one of the most respected charities in the UK.

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